Mobile applications

My Work-Life Balance® has been designed to integrate with your existing data architecture and data privacy policies. A range of app platforms ensure data is seen through the right lens to catalyst change within your organisation.

MY Libra:

An app that focuses on stress, recovery, cognitive load and work intensity to help individuals adapt and build resilience. Provides organisations with a real time overview for data driven strategy.

MY Trends

An overview of data demonstrating the interaction of key metrics, identifying points of interest and raising awareness of individual trends.

MY Now:

Designed to show your data in real time helping to identify the individual impact of changes in wellness behaviours such as rest, physical activity and sleep.

MY Priority:

Drawing from personalised data and previous priorities, the system will identify which metric individuals should focus on to enhance your Libra balance.

My Cognitive Load:

A detailed look at the cognitive demands of each day, presented simply, week by week. By giving you greater insight into the cognitive demands of your days, you can take charge of your cognitive recovery and improve your cognitive performance.