Pioneering technology that optimises the health and wellbeing of your people and your business.

With 42% of employees globally reporting a decline in mental health, it’s never been more important to understand the overall wellbeing of your workforce.

My Work-Life Analytics® is not just a wellness app, it’s a proven, pioneering digital technology that gives unique insight into how to optimise the health, wellbeing and performance of your workforce and your business.

There is no performance without wellbeing.

Using real time data to build 360-degree insight

Unlike any other wellness app, our powerful blend of human science, behavioural psychology and Formula 1 technology merges streams of lifestyle, environmental and performance data to give your people and your business the tools to monitor, diagnose and deliver improved health, engagement, and productivity.

We give you the ability to truly connect to your employees. We don’t just use subjective data taken from self-completed questionnaires, instead we take live data from individual profiles, cognitive performance, and work life behaviour to produce a detailed picture of individuals, how their work impacts their mental and physical health and how they interact with others.

Empowering your people

A wrist worn device and app give your staff a comprehensive understanding of their current mental and physical wellbeing measuring key components of activity, recovery, rest, sleep, and stress. At a glance they are provided with the tools they need to achieve the right work life balance by highlighting the cause of potential problems such as stress, burnout, depression, and anxiety before becoming detrimental to their health.

Empowering your business

For the first time HR teams have real time, data driven insight into the factors that govern their staff’s wellbeing, allowing strategic decisions to be made to support and promote resilience, wellbeing, and performance – resulting in less absenteeism, less disengagement and increased productivity.

Connect. Support. Change.

Safe, secure and fully GDPR compliant, this revolutionary system unlocks a new world of insight, connecting you to your workforce and supporting your people and your business to create a positive culture, implement change and make the right decisions for sustained, positive growth.

Our recent projects with IHP have helped us to gain a far deeper understanding of the impact of different elements of working life on the wellbeing of our people. The data rich nature of the My Work-Life Analytics® platform that combines biometric, cognitive and contextual information to create insights that are just not available with other approaches.
Euan Cameron

Lead Partner, PWC