ihp partnerships

ihp is proud to work with a range of Governmental, NGO, academic, technology and commercial partners

Commercial Partnerships

There are many organisations who posses both a large working cohort of their own, wherein ihp’s App and algorithms assist them to address internal health and wellbeing issues as well as being to utilise their new found knowledge and insight to “on-sell” to their clients


ihp partners with an extensive range of technological companies to create and deliver programmes which advances the discipline extensively;  whether that’s the breadth of measurable metrics a wearable can measure or its precision, or the simplicity/ speed/ precision of assessing cognitive function


ihp is engaged with the Government, its agencies, their funding bodies and NGO’s to assist in introducing this technology and setting an agenda to reframe measures of Wellbeing and other critical workplace measurands – presentism, stress/recovery, etc

Academic Partnerships

ihp is partnered with University departments (UK & overseas) for true synergistic benefit: whether that’s jointly delivered/published research; the creation and exploitation of IP; and, skills-feed of graduates in to ihp

We’re always interested to hear from potential technological or commercial partners