ihp Analytics to work with police to boost the wellbeing of digital forensic staff and crime scene investigation officers

ihp Analytics is to join forces with the police to support the wellbeing of digital forensic staff and crime scene investigation officers (CSIs) with its pioneering My Work-Life Analytics® system.

The project is being funded through the Home Office’s Science and Technology, Analysis and Research (STAR) scheme. A successful bid by the Forensic Capability Network (FCN) delivered £150,000 of funding to study the impact of stress and trauma amongst these two groups.

Forged from the world of Formula One and elite sports, My Work-Life Analytics® is a digital platform that’s proven to deliver positive behavioural change within the workplace. It harnesses data to give people unique insight into how to optimise their health and wellbeing and create the correct work-life balance.

The project, which is scheduled to last one year, will use data analytics to support the wellbeing in the workplace of digital forensic staff and CSIs.

Up to 50 participants from various police forces will capture data with wearable devices, psychometric tests, surveys, evaluative games and existing force contextual information. Data analytics will then inform the individual about their wellbeing status and provide them with real-time information to help them build resilience, increase their self-awareness, and access any interventions.

The system will also supply organisations with a dashboard of anonymised data showing the physiological and cognitive health & wellbeing of their teams. This may enable employers to plan team interventions, measure their effectiveness, complement existing processes, and better manage risks associated with their challenging work.

ihp Analytics CEO, Steve Gill said: “My Work-Life Analytics is a proven digital technology that goes way beyond a fitness app, forged out of the uncompromising world of Formula One. We use real time data to give people a unique insight into their health and wellbeing and we give them the tools to deal with situations before they lead to more serious health issues, allowing them to not only find their ideal performance zone, but achieve a better work-life balance. We’re looking forward to supporting the police with their innovative wellbeing strategy.”

FCN workforce strategy lead Paula Mulroy said: “Ultimately, we believe this project could help improve police staff and officers’ wellbeing. At the same time, it could optimise the workforce data that organisations hold which would mean better resourcing models and reduced sickness.”


For more information on ihp Analytics and My Work-Life Analytics® please email: claire.harrison@ihp-analytics.com or visit www.ihp-analytics.com